At Avondale, we make use of biodynamic practices because they enable us to engage in the energy of our farm – which is a vital component if you want to farm in a truly holistic way. Two years ago, we installed a field broadcaster on the farm. This is an instrument invented in the 1990’s by Hugh Lovel, an American agricultural expert who has long been an advocate of Rudolph Steiner’s biodynamic philosophy. The field broadcaster is essentially a pipe with glass wells, flat copper disk transmitters and induction coils at each end. One field broadcaster can cover an area of 1000 hectares. I dowsed to find an optimal power spot, which is a convergence of energy lei lines that creates a vortex of positive and negative energies. One end of the field broadcaster was then buried in the ground at the power spot, and the other rises up into the atmosphere; thus the instrument is ‘plugged’ into the energy grid of the farm. Biodynamic preparations and other fractal patterns can then be inserted into the wells, and their frequencies are then broadcast directly into soil and air across the farm. Field Broadcasters are really about transmitting the energy patterns of the preparations and other remedies you might want to broadcast. It’s about getting patterned energy’s working with us. The field broadcaster enables us to work easily and constantly with the cosmic influences, and so contribute to the flourishing of life at Avondale at the subtle energy level.