Over the past months, I have been writing about some of the different plant-based ferments and peppering used in Biodynamic farming.   Cow Pat Pit, known as CPP, is also a ferment.  It is not one of Steiner’s Biodynamic Preparations, but was developed by leading Biodynamic proponent, Maria Thun who conducted extensive research into its benefits.

Today, CPP is widely used in Biodynamic farming as vibrant soil activator and conditioner.  It is particularly wonderful used on farmland in conversion where you are trying to remedy the damage done by conventional farming.  It can bring about transformation in tough soil conditions and can be used as a healthy boost for veggies or vines.

How is it made?
CPP can be made in a pit in the ground, but we prefer to use partially buried wooden barrels that have been cut in half.  Whichever way you do it, you want to choose a fairly isolated spot where the soil is fertile and healthy.  The area needs to be shaded but you want to avoid being too close to big trees.  The ingredients we use are fresh cow manure, basaltic rock dust and crushed eggshells.  These are stirred together in the barrels to form slurry.  Then the Biodynamic compost preparations are added and mixed in.  We then cover the barrels with hessian bags that help to prevent evaporation but allow air in.  Over the next couple of weeks, the start of fermentation brings a bloom of microbial life.  You may need to add water to keep the mixture moist and you need to turn it over from time to time and by give it a stir.  CPP will be ready to use after two to three months.

How is it used?
CPP can be used at any time to enhance soil fertility.  One kilogram of CPP can be diluted and dynamised with 45 litres of unpolluted water for per acre use.  It can be applied through hand sprays or the irrigation system.  CPP can be used in many ways.  It can be alternated with a weed or kelp tonic or a Lucerne tea; or it can be applied every two weeks during growing season for incredible results.  Interestingly, in testimony to CPP’s healing and detoxifying powers, after the Chernobyl disaster, vegetables grown in the area were radioactive.  CPP was applied as a project, and in time the produce that was then tested was completely free of radiation.  The high effectiveness of CPP is due to the fact that it contains the whole spectrum of the Biodynamic Preparations.
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