South Africa is suffering from a drought and many farmers are experiencing crop failure, or decreased harvests. Never has the condition of our soil health been more important.

Ensuring that the soil is balanced and can provide all the nutrients required for healthy plant and micro life has always been a key factor in biodynamic agriculture.

Avondale’s ethos, Terra Est Vita or Soil is Life is of the utmost importance during times of drought. Creating stable humus helps to maintain soil moisture, nutrient retention and overall soil health. In times of drought it’s absolutely imperative to have stable humus in your soil.

Have a look at the previous posts on Humus for more in-detail specifics on Humus creation here. Creating this stable humus through the natural rhythms, the use of Biodynamic preparations, cover cropping and other tools available  establishes a wonderful buffering sponge-like effect which in turn helps our soils and crops cope with the extremes of our climate.

We are very positive about the quality of this year’s harvest despite the extreme conditions and we truly believe that, working in conjunction with Mother Nature, we can continue to produce the extraordinary wines for which we are known.