A few years ago I wrote about my first experience of dowsing with Quantum Agriculture expert, Hugh Lovel. I was looking to locate the most suitable spot for the Field Broadcaster on Avondale and Hugh located the power spot remotely.  This incredible ability to tune in to the energies of Avondale led me to learn to dowse. Having now practised dowsing for several years I do not need to even be at the farm to dowse, which is invaluable when I have to travel for business.

Can anyone dowse? The key to successful dowsing is belief. Around 97% of the population has the ability to dowse, if they are willing to be open and trust in the practice however the biggest limitation is doubt. Even experienced dowsers will fail if they allow doubt to invade their thoughts.

What can dowsing be used for on a practical level? With some skill and experience dowsing can be used to find water, harness energies and I use  diagnostic dousing in regards to our soils and their needs. In fact, dowsing can even be used to diagnose the health of humans, although this is not something I have ever practised.

How does one dowse? Have a look at this previous post to learn more (Engaging with the Energies of Place through Dowsing). There are many ways to dowse, from using “L-rods”,or pendulums to really experienced dowsers not using any “tool”  The fact is that it is the person that is the actual instrument not the “L-rod” or pendulum. Other implements can be used – I personally use a pendulum on a chain – but the tool acts merely as a visual help. More importantly the dowser must clear one’s mind, focus and ask permission from the greater being.

For diagnostic dowsing I make use of a pendulum. I start with the pendulum  swinging at a 45 degree angle away from me as I channel my thoughts; this is my  search pattern. I can then begin to ask yes/no  questions for which I would like answers. For me, a “yes” answer comes from the pendulum swinging away from me, and a “no” answer is indicated by a side-to-side motion.

I have a Bio Essay sheet that covers questions regarding the minerals found in soils and a biological analysis. Using this sheet I ask the questions that will give me current information to enable me to treat the farm’s needs. This can range from very generalised questions about the health of the farm, which takes just a few minutes, to a half hour in-depth analysis of a particular vineyard block.

My first question will always be “What’s the general vitality?” This gives me a starting point from which I can choose to investigate further. The pendulum swings across the chart, which has a semicircle of numbers ranging from 0 to 100, with 0 being the worst possible outcome, and 100 being perfect. Working my way through the Bio Essay sheet I begin with the minerals, asking about each trace element. Anything below 50 needs addressing in the short term.

After working through the minerals, I move on to checking the organic matter, and then the fungis, protozoas and soil life such as worms. With each item I can opt to investigate further and ask more detailed questions should the results suggest a problem.

All of this information helps me ensure that the right nutrients, preparations, cow pat pits and microlife are worked over and into the soil to improve its wellbeing.

Why do I not just send away soil samples for lab analysis? A typical leaf sample analysis takes up to two weeks for the results to come back to me, during which time any problems or irregularities have increased or changed completely.  Scientific analysis also measures only the level of minerals in the soil, and thus if a mineral trace is low, conventional farming methods would warrant spraying or adding more of that mineral. From dowsing I am able to diagnose in real time that whilst sometimes a mineral trace may appear to be low, it may exist in the soil in sufficient quantities, but is not accessible due to an imbalance with other elements such as sulphur or our soil life is not active.

In summarising, dowsing allows me to look at all aspects of Avondale whenever I need, whether as a general check-up or in depth at specific problems, and quickly determine if, how and what treatment is needed, enabling us to work in harmony with Mother Nature.