The Three Kings Preparation is one of a series of biodynamic preparations created by Hugo Erbe(1885-1965), who lived his life as a committed biodynamic farmer in Germany. His interest was to find ways to connect more closely with the elemental world and encourage their beneficial influences.  He developed a total of twenty one new biodynamic preparations as supplements to Steiner’s original nine given in the Agricultural Course.

After the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Erbe perceived a massive disruption in the elemental world and he wanted to help restore balance. He developed the Three Kings, a preparation made from the gifts that the three kings are believed to have presented to Jesus as an infant.  Ancient wisdom holds that;

Gold is a symbol of outer wisdom filled power (wisdom of the past)

Frankincense is a symbol of sacrificially hovering cosmic ether in which the spirit lives (transitory nature of the present)

Myrrh is a symbol of the victory of life over death (forces pointing towards the future)

Together these three substances are believed to foster a keener awareness of the energies that are beyond our five senses, and to invoke protection from natural disasters such as fire, wind storms, hail and flooding.

The biodynamic farmer can use the Three Kings preparation in a number of different ways, such as stirring up the tincture in a solution in the prescribed way and sprinkling it as you walk the boundary of your farm.  At Avondale, we make use of it in our field broadcaster which contains a map of our farm.  Sceptics may say that there is no way that a homeopathic remedy such as this could have any influence on protecting one’s farm from natural disaster.  However, our recent experience of a raging inferno that bore down on Avondale for three days and nights; and yet repeatedly turned away at our boundaries, makes me thankful that we have included the Three Kings in our biodynamic way of farming! You can read more about our extraordinary experience with the fire here.