Most of my overseas travels are busy business trips taken up with the work of developing new markets for Avondale’s extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature.  So, it was refreshing for me to get out to the Gold Coast of New South Wales in Australia with the aim of attending an Advanced Course in Quantum Agriculture.  Hosted and facilitated by Quantum Agriculture pioneer Hugh Lovel and his wife Shabari Bird, the course promised to be a chance for me to deepen my understanding and share knowledge.  I joined 20 other participants at the venue just outside of eco-friendly seaside town of Byron Bay.  I was the only South African and the only wine producer, as most of the other participants were agricultural consultants from Australia and New Zealand.  Working and living together over the 8 course days provided us all with incredibly valuable opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences, and we were all learning, all the time.  The intensive course was focused on advanced natural production that adheres to biodynamic practices but also explores further into the quantum agriculture disciplines that include dowsing, intentions and radionics.  I have returned eager to put new knowledge into action at Avondale that will keep enhancing the health of our balanced vineyard eco-system.

Hugh Lovel is a farmer and scientist, and author of the book “A Biodynamic Farm, for Growing Wholesome Food”.  He is the founder of the Quantum Agriculture Consultancy and he is dedicated to teaching and writing about the innovative, scientific ways of farming intelligently and in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos.