The beautiful Leopard captured by our camera on Avondale land on the night of 22nd September has been identified by the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) as “BM4” (Boland Male 4).  As part of the CLT Boland Project, BM4 was trapped, immobilised and fitted with a GPS collar just the week before in the Wemmershoek Dam area.  He was already well-known to scientist Jeannie Hayward as he has been photographed frequently by the camera-traps in her study area.  By tracking BM4 Jeannie hopes to collate data that will help her to ascertain the affects of landscape fragmentation, human habitation and habitat alteration on Leopard ecology and behaviour; and will also help to establish the immediate and long-term threats to Leopards in the Boland.  While they had BM4 under sedation, the team of scientists also weighed, measured and checked him over.  He weighs 29 kilogrammes, and they found him to be in good health.  Based on the state of his tooth wear, they estimate that he is between seven and nine years old.