Avondale has created a new twitter account @LunaCalendar so that you can easily find out what lunar cycle we are in while you manage your social media accounts.  The lunar tasting calendar is derived from the biodynamic planting calendar formulated by Maria Thun in the 1950’s.  It is being increasingly used nowadays to gauge the affect that the moon has on a living product such as wine.

The Lunar Tasting Calendar identifies four lunar cycles – Root, Fruit, Leaf and Flower; and it is generally thought that these different days affect wine as follows:

Fruit: The fruit notes are regarded as being more vibrant and even overpowering in some cases, with the wines appearing full-bodied and rich in character.
Leaf: Wines are experienced to be less sweet, with a dominant, earthy minerality.
Root: Wines tasted in the Root cycle appear more subdued than when consumed within the other cycles.
Flower: This is generally regarded as the best tasting cycle overall for wine.

You can have fun experimenting with this for yourself.  For easy access to this tasting calendar, follow @LunaCalendar and we’ll keep you up to date using twitter.