On Friday 31 August 2012, Avondale is celebrating the second full moon of August, known as a ‘Blue Moon’ by hosting an exclusive La Luna Dinner.  We asked Cape Town astrologer, Dianne Garven to write a guest blog about this rare lunar phenomenon…

The Moon symbolises our emotions and “outward personality”- the feeling side of our nature. It represents the subconscious emotional drive in our lives, our natural human behavioural patterns, what we strive for in order to have emotional security and how we respond and interact with the world around us. The Moon dictates our emotional frame of mind; both in terms of our characteristics as well as how we are likely to react at different times or phases in our lives. The Moon does not represent our reasoning, but rather our instinctive responses.

The Moon in one’s natal chart is the reason why two people of the same Sun Sign can bear no resemblance to each other in terms of personality- they most likely have different Moon signs! Understanding your own personal Moon sign will give you a tremendous amount of insight into who you are, why you behave and respond the way you do and why you attract certain people into your life. It could even influence why you sometimes appear rational, and at other times almost “insane”- which is most likely where the popular werewolf myth originates from! The waxing and waning cycle of the Moon indicates our own personal emotional cycles as much as it indicates the cycles of the tides. That is why on certain days we feel perfectly capable to deal with a difficult situation and at other times we may feel ill-equipped to cope. Therefore, it is essential for us to recognise and understand the rhythm of our Moon.

On the 31st August, we have the privilege of experiencing a Blue Moon. Thus titled due to its rarity, this is the unusual instance where a full moon occurs twice in one calendar month. While this happening bears no great significance to us astrologically speaking, it is the perfect excuse for us to celebrate this celestial body and its impact on our lives.

Dianne Garven

Professional Astrologer

Join us for the Once in a Blue Moon La Luna dinner

On Friday 31 August 2012, Avondale Proprietor Johnathan Grieve will be collaborating with Chef Reuben at the estate’s elegant Tasting Gallery to produce a sumptuous six-course feast, each dish divinely paired with one of Avondale’s exquisite handcrafted wines. Guests will be taken on a journey of discovery to learn how Avondale uses the BioLOGIC® approach to create our range of extraordinary wines.  Chauffeured door-to-door transport is available so that all guests can relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience. A limited number of seats are available so book early to avoid disappointment. For any bookings or queries, please contact Avondale on wine@avondalewine.co.za  R750 per guest / R1500 per couple.