My interest in Biodynamic farming led me to finding out about a Field Broadcaster; and when I was investigating how to install the Field Broadcaster on Avondale land I learnt that I needed to put it up on a ‘power spot’.   “How do I find a ‘power spot’?” I asked Quantum Agriculture expert, Hugh Lovel.  His answer was: dowsing.  Hugh added that I didn’t actually have to learn to dowse myself as he could help me find an optimal Avondale power spot by “remote” dowsing.   I was intrigued to see how that would work out, so I took him up on the offer even though I was also inspired to learn to dowse myself.

I acquired a set of L-shaped dowsing rods, equipped myself with the very helpful book ‘Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment’ by Joey Korn and I set about learning to dowse.  The most common form of dowsing that we might be familiar with is where people have dowsed to find water by engaging with the subtle energies of a place.  In fact, you can use dowsing for many different purposes.  I discovered that there are many ‘power spots’ on Avondale.  These are points where there are two or more converging energy ley lines that create powerful vortices of energy.  It was interesting that when Hugh Lovel and I both dowsed for the power spot for the field broadcaster we turned out to be just two metres apart in identifying the optimal point.

Today, I use dowsing on an on-going basis to tune into the energies of Avondale and understand better what is going on in our soils, in our environment as a whole.  It is a wonderful way to practically illustrate to people that there are energies all around, and we influence them as they influence us.

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