At Avondale, we celebrate World Environment Day, reminding ourselves and others of how important it is for us to care for the environment.  This global event was initiated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP); and 2012 marks their 40th anniversary.  This year’s theme, “Green Economy: Does it Include You?” is certainly one that pertains to Avondale.  Our unique BioLOGIC® approach, which incorporates certified organic, biodynamic and scientific principles to create living systems naturally, empowers us to answer this question with a resounding “Yes!”.   We are committed to a holistic approach towards farming in harmony with Nature which includes fostering biodiversity; using natural predators to combat pests; cleansing waste water through an interlinked three-dam system with spiralling channels of reeds to emulate the way water is cleansed in Nature; on-going clearing alien vegetation and planting of indigenous trees and making use of a variety of green packaging solutions for our wines.
The actions of everyone counts on World Environment Day, and there’s so much that we can all do to contribute positively to the care of the environment – from stopping using plastic shopping bags, planting trees in your community, recycling home and community waste to walking or riding a bicycle more often.

The UNEP identifies 10 Sectors for a Green Economy:

  • Buildings – Construction has consequences – let’s construct a better world!
  • Fisheries – Seafood is delicious and healthy – but depleting our fish stocks isn’t!
  • Forestry – Support certified sustainable forest products
  • Transport – Congestion, pollution, traffic accidents . . . there’s a better way!
  • Water – Use water wisely!
  • Agriculture – Use your consumer power to support local, organic and sustainable agriculture!
  • Energy Supply – Our lifestyles demand energy; but is the demand too great on our resources?
  • Tourism – Tread lightly on your travel destinations.
  • Waste – If everything you buy becomes waste, where will we put it all?
  • Manufacturing and Industry – It’s no big secret that industry and manufacturing have been rough on the environment – but things can change, and you can help!

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