Article written by Michael Olivier
© Michael Olivier February 2012

When you stand in a Shiraz vineyard on the slopes of the Klein Drakenstein with a clear view of Table Mountain, on a God-given day, with a black eagle circling overhead, Johnathan Grieve next to you with a handful of soil that looks like Christmas pudding, writhing with earthworms, you get a sense of the seriousness and passion with which he farms the family Estate.

I have known the Grieve family for three generations, and each generation has been passionate and caring of fellow beings, the flora and the fauna and what they are to leave for the next generation.

While Avondale is registered as an Organic winery, it practices biodynamic farming methods, and Johnathan also uses the offerings of modern science and technologies for sustainability.  Blending seamlessly these great ideas, and knowledge into his farming and wine-making.  Using Mother Nature as model, mentor and measure, Johnathan has with dedication and purpose rebuilt soil fertility, planted new vines and set about achieving the goal of making natural, delicious wines in a healthy, balanced environment.

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