As host city to COP17, the United Nation’s annual meeting on climate change, Durban is currently in the global spotlight.  We are delighted that Avondale’s range of extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature has been included on the wine list of the acclaimed Harvey’s Restaurant.

Situated in a landmark building at 465 Innes Road, in the bohemian suburb of Morningside, Harvey’s has consistently won an array of awards that support its reputation as Durban’s best restaurant.  From the padded velvet walls and gold ceilings of the luxurious dining areas to the stylish pavement terrace and open-air cocktail lounge, Harvey’s ambiance is full of splendour.  It provides the perfect setting to sample Chef Andrew Draper’s innovative and sometimes exotic fare accompanied by South Africa’s finest wines.  There is probably little doubt that COP17 participants will make their way to Durban’s finest restaurant during their stay, and we hope they will raise a glass of Avondale wine to toast a better future for all on a safer planet!