We held the Media Launch of our Extraordinary Festive Food Pairing Experience yesterday at the Chef’s Warehouse in Cape Town. Enlisting the help of accomplished (not to mention gorgeous!) chef extraordinaire Sonia Cabano, we paired each of our six wines with an exquisite culinary delight, carefully crafted to excite the senses.

The tasting experience began on a high note with the pairing of an almond-crusted mince pie, accompanied by a chilled glass of our effervescent bubbly, Armilla; much to the delight of our guests!

One of the favourite combinations of the day appeared to be the partnering of Camissa with a roast almond and ginger Wedgewood nougat. The initial sips of Camissa were met with sighs of pleasure, which was swiftly followed by the flashing of cameras as the bloggers attempted to capture the lovely coral hue of the rose.

Finally, the pairing of a traditional South African spiced venison pie with our La Luna seemed to be a fitting climax to the event, with our guests (loudly!) expressing their enjoyment of the rich, complex integration of flavours.

The event was a huge success and our guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy the unique and arresting marriage of flavours between Sonia’s food and our extraordinary wines.

The event aimed to replicate what visitors to our farm would experience in terms of the presentation and pairing menu; the only difference being the magnificent mountain and vineyard views!

Guests to the farm can enjoy this value-added pairing included in the standard wine tasting fee of R50. Booking is essential. Email: wine@avondalewine.co.za or call us on 021 863 1976.