The business of making Avondale wines available in far-flung corners of the world always makes for memorable experiences.  Last month, I was on whirlwind tour of some of the Scandinavian countries where we sell Avondale wines.  In Helsinki, I took sometime out to visit the colourful and busy Market Square which includes Wanha Kauppahalli, the traditional Old Market Hall at the South Harbour.  The abundance of the European Spring was evident everywhere with the thirty or so Wanha Kauppahalli stalls boasting every kind of fresh produce of exceptional quality.  From fresh strawberries and fat asparagus to glistening salmon and dazzling cheeses, it was a complete mouth-watering delight.  I also stopped by, what must surely be the smallest wine store ever with an amazing selection of wines.  It was fantastic to experience the crowds of people with a real appreciation for fresh, good food.