With the launch of our Magnificent Collection, Avondale has opted for Amorim natural corks that are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).  Natural cork is a truly sustainable product that is without doubt the most environmentally-friendly sealing solution for any wine producer.  Our 2010 White vintage, 2009 Red vintage and MCC will all be sealed with FSC-approved corks.

1.     Natural cork not only preserves the wine, it also contributes to character and quality
2.    It is a renewable resource sustainably harvested from ancient cork oak forests
3.    Harvesting natural cork provides a decent living for rural communities
4.    Judicious harvesting ensures the preservation of the world’s cork oak ecosystems
5.    As cork oak trees are never felled for their bark, and live to a great age, they sequester over 10 million tonnes of CO₂ each year
6.    Unlike plastic stoppers and screw tops,  natural cork is 100% recyclable and renewable
7.    Zero waste is generated in the production of natural corks as all the harvested cork is used, even the cork dust

Wine lovers who are committed to responsible consumerism and protection of the environment will be pleased to know that the pleasure of popping the cork of a great bottle of wine is the best that they can do!