When my family acquired Avondale in 1997, we had a dream that one day we would make premium quality wines. My grandfather, founder of Vital Health Foods gave us the legacy of a holistic approach to life and a keen focus on balance and well-being. The picturesque 160-hectare land that is now known as Avondale, had been under cultivation for more than 300 years. Early records show that the farm was one of the first in the Paarl valley to be allocated specifically for the production of wine grapes. In 1999, I started work at Avondale. It was apparent that, particularly after the last decades of modern farming dominated by chemical abuse, our soils were literally dead.

We believed that it was not just possible to restore life to the farm, but that the rejuvenation of the soils and the ecosystems would one day result in healthy, premium quality grapes for the making of extraordinary wines. We have patiently worked hand in hand with Nature over many years to bring life back to the farm.

The launch of Avondale’s Magnificent Collection represents the achievement of producing classic, handcrafted wines of a premium quality that will raise the bar for certified organic wines, not just in South Africa, but throughout the wine-loving world. Without further ado, I am delighted to present to you, Avondale’s Magnificent Collection…

Our new range of seven hand-crafted, elegantly classic wines embodies the luminescence of a unique vineyard ecosystem where life is upheld – all the way from our vines to your glass. Our ethos, Terra Est Vita meaning ‘Soil is Life’ encapsulates our view of Avondale as a dynamic living system where nothing compromises the growing of our healthy, balanced grapes and the making of our naturally delicious wines.

Extraordinary Wines Approved by Mother Nature

Armilla – Sparkling with joy, this fresh, versatile Brut is full of the verve that comes from Avondale’s holistic way of making delicious, natural wines.

Anima – the lively minerals of Avondale’s soils give this Chenin Blanc its own delicious, spirited character and extraordinary finesse.

Cyclus – Avondale’s unique life energy swirls elegantly through the invigorating layers of this dynamic, refreshingly complex White Blend.

Camissa – this gorgeous, fresh Rosè wine is a reflection of Avondale’s gratitude for the blessing of having pure spring waters flowing to our vines.

La Luna – a soft and supple Red Blend, La Luna reflects the graceful ways that Avondale is attuned to cosmic influences and rhythms.

Samsara – A wine deep in character, this incarnate Syrah represents the perpetual renewal and revitalisation of Avondale’s living system.

Navitas – Vibrant with a life of its own, our flagship Red Blend is the embodiment of Avondale’s unique luminescence and character.

Avondale’s unique wines are certified organic and available at the best restaurants and specialist wine stores, as well as online.

For more information including tasting and wine-making notes, please visit the Avondale website.